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Starter 2000

Printing Information
The Starter 2000 game box includes two pre-built 22 card decks for learning the game plus two 15 card packs with a fixed selection of cards.

This is not a separate card set as the Starter card set was. This box includes cards from both Sixth Edition and Starter. The cards from Sixth Edition are not different from their original printing. The ones from Starter do differ, in that they have no expansion symbol. There are no cards with unique names.

Cards are printed with white borders on the face of the cards and have no expansion symbol. The cards are dated 1993-1999 (Sixth Edition cards) or 1993-2000 (reprints from Starter).

The premium card is a Rhox foil card from Nemesis.

It was released in late July 2000.

The print run is unknown.

Cards were written under the Sixth Edition rules.

Packaging Information
75 card Game Box (2 preconstructed 22 card decks plus 2 preconstructed 15 card boosters and a premium card, and a CD-ROM) originally retailed for $9.99.

In addition to the Starter 2000 game box, there was also a Sampler Pack released in magazines that is considered part of Starter 2000. This contained 10 cards. See the Text list for details.

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Starter 2000 was preceded by Starter.

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Card Lists
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