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Printing Information
The Portal set is not an expansion to the main Magic: The Gathering game. It is instead a new game based on the same rules, but with many complex issues removed from the game. It has a certain amount of compatibility with the core Magic game, but it is not entirely the same.

Portal was printed with black borders on the face of the cards. Cards can be identified by the expansion symbol on the right hand size of the middle section. The expansion symbol is a circle with radial lines on it () that is supposed to remind you of a tunnel or possibly a door.

The 222 card set's breakdown by rarity looks like this:
55 Rares
50 Uncommons
90 Commons
20 Land
7 Unplayable

It was released in early June 1997.

The print run is unknown.

Cards were written under a subset of Fifth Edition rules that is specific to Portal.

Packaging Information
70 card 2-player decks (preconstructed) originally retailed for $8.95.

15 card booster packs (1 rare, 3 uncommon, 11 common) originally retailed for $2.95. 36 packs per box.

Other Products
Portal was followed by Portal: Second Age and Portal: Three Kingdoms.

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Card Lists
These lists and others can also be found on the lists page.

Fancy PDF (110k)July 1997
Text (17k)July 1998
Text Spoiler (46k)July 1998
Text (18k) - Oracle ErrataJuly 2009

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