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Limited Edition

Printing Information
This set actually consisted of two separate print runs. The first print run was called the Alpha printing. This print run consisted of 2.6 million cards. It was first released at GenCon in August 1993 and sold out by late September 1993. This print run had 295 cards in the set.

The second print run was called the Beta printing. It consisted of 7.8 million cards. It was released in October 1993 and sold out by December 1993. Seven new cards were added to the set, bringing the total set size to 302 cards. These cards were: Circle of Protection: Black, Volcanic Island, and one new piece of art for each of the 5 basic lands.

Both print runs were done with black borders.

You can tell the print runs apart because the Alpha print run was cut so that the corners of the card had a wide, circular shape (about a 2mm radius arc). The Beta print run was cut like the rest of the Magic expansion cards have been cut since, with a much smaller cut.

The 302 card set's breakdown by rarity looks like this:
116 Rares117 Rares
95 Uncommons95 Uncommons
74 Commons75 Commons
10 Land15 Land

Note: Due to the printing process, it is possible to get land cards in a rare, uncommon, or common card slot. The chance is approximately 3.31% for rares, 21.5% for uncommons and 38.02% for commons. This is because they put lands on all three printed sheets.

In the Alpha printing, 23 cards had errors which were corrected in the Beta printing. These cards are:
Basalt MonolithCard text changed
Birds of ParadiseCard text changed
ChannelCard text changed
Circle of Prot.: RedArtist name corrected
Cyclopean TombCasting cost added
Death WardArtist name corrected
Demonic Hordes'B's changed to black mana symbols
Drain Life'B' changed to black mana symbol
Elvish ArchersCombat values changed
Force of Nature'G's changed to green mana symbols
Icy ManipulatorCard text changed
Island SanctuaryCard text changed
KarmaCard text changed
Mana ShortCard text changed
Orcish ArtilleryCasting cost changed
Orcish OriflammeCasting cost changed
Phantasmal Forces'U' changed to blue mana symbol
Red Elemental BlastChanged from Instant to Interrupt
Rock HydraCard text changed
Sedge TrollArtist name corrected
Tropical IslandArtist name corrected
TwiddleCard text changed
UnsummonCard text changed

The print run was announced by Wizards to be 10.4 million cards.

This set defined the original rules for Magic.

Packaging Information
60 card starter decks (2 rare, 13 uncommon, 45 common, rulebook) originally retailed for $7.95. 10 decks per box.

15 card booster packs (1 rare, 3 uncommon, 11 common) originally retailed for $2.45. 36 packs per box.

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