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Fallen Empires

Printing Information
The Fallen Empires expansion set was printed with black borders on the face of the cards.

Cards can be identified by the expansion symbol on the right hand side of the middle section. The expansion symbol is a Crown ().

The 102 card set's breakdown by rarity looks like this:
36 Rares (36@U1)
31 Uncommons (25@U3, 5@U2, 1@C1)
35 Commons (15@C4, 20@C3)
Note: Each common card of C4 rarity has 4 pieces of art, and each common card of C3 rarity has 3 pieces of art. This results in 120 unique commons if you count art variations.

Cards were available from mid November 1994 to sometime in 1998. Although they stopped shipping in late January 1995, enough cards were printed to keep them on the shelves for years afterward.

The print run was announced by Wizards to be between 350-375 million cards.

These cards were written under Revised Edition rules.

Packaging Information
8 card booster packs (2 uncommon, 6 common) originally retailed for $1.45. 60 packs per box.

Other Products
Fallen Empires was part of the inital expansion sets that include Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, and The Dark.

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Card Lists
These lists and others can also be found on the lists page.

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