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Printing Information
The Beatdown box set contained 2 decks of 61 cards each. Each box set contains exactly the same cards. There are a total of 90 unique cards in this set. It also contains two 20-sided dice to use as life counters and a book with history and other information on Magic.

The Beatdown set was printed with white borders on the face of the cards. The expansion symbol is a mace. The expansion symbol is black for common cards () silver for uncommon cards () and gold for rare cards ().

This set contains two foil premium cards, an Erhnam Djinn and a Sengir Vampire. These are two of the 90 cards.

It was released in December 2000.

The print run is unknown.

These cards were written under Sixth Edition rules.

Packaging Information
box set originally retailed for $24.95.

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