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Printing Information
The Alliances expansion set was printed with black borders on the face of the cards.

Cards can be identified by the expansion symbol on the right hand side of the middle section. The expansion symbol is a waving flag ().

The 144 card set's breakdown by rarity looks like this:
46 Rares (46@R2)
43 Uncommons (40@U2, 3@R6)
55 Commons (50@C2, 5@U6)
Note: Each common card has 2 pieces of art, making collectors view this as a 199 card set.

It was released in early June 1996 and was available until near the end of 1996.

The print run is estimated to be 180 million cards.

These cards were written under Fourth Edition rules.

Packaging Information
12 card booster packs (1 rare, 3 uncommon, 8 common) originally retailed for $2.25. 45 packs per box.

Other Products
Alliances was part of a cycle that includes Ice Age and Homelands. An additional set, Coldsnap, was released 10 years later and is considered a follow-on to Ice Age and Alliances.

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Card Lists
These lists and others can also be found on the lists page.

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