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7th Sea
About 7th Sea
This roleplaying game is set in a world called Théah (an alternate Europe, Asia, and Caribbean) in the latter half of the 17th Century where swashbuckers and adventurers of all kinds come seeking fame and fortune.

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Information on 7th Sea source books can be found here:

Here are some other 7th Sea resources you can check out:



Crystal Keep brings you some handy compilations of 7th Sea rules for use in building characters.

Base Handbook PDF (10,238k) 01/08/04
Schools Handbook PDF (193k) 01/08/04
Sorcery Handbook PDF (221k) 01/08/04


Ever want to know the odds? These odds sheets are more detailed than the ones in the Player's Guide.

Odds (Rounded) PDF (942k) 10/31/01
Odds (Detailed) PDF (944k) 10/31/01

Character Sheets

Here are blank character sheets for 7th Sea.

Blank Sheet Word 2000 (403k) PDF (245k) 10/31/01

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